Welcome at L'Ermite

restaurant with rooms

A variety of dishes, lots of flavour. The restaurant is open every weekend for everyone, and during the school holidays of France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


You can always rent a room here, and have dinner at the 'table d'hôtes'.


In 2024 the restaurant is open every weekend and other days during the folowing periods:

* March 30 till May 12,

* Monday of pentecoste, May 20

* Thursdays till Monday evenings from July 1th till the end off September,

* October 19 till November 3,

* Monday November 11,

* December 21 till January 5 (2025).


Everything is home made and we try to discard as less as possible. If you want to be sure we prepared enough to eat for your company, please make a reservation ahead : 03 23 97 60 41.


On closing days, we serve dinner for our guests in the rooms and for groups of 8 or more persons. If you'd like to have a fixed menu at the 'table d'hôtes' between holidays, give us a call.


The restaurant and the rooms are labelled Accueil Vélo


The bed and breakfast is a Chambre d'hôte référence.