Restaurant L'Ermite

Because we use fresh ingredients, we prefer you reserve at least 3 hours before a meal. If you phone us later, we can deliberate what to cook for you. The restaurant is open from thursday- till sunday evening, including friday, saterday and sunday noon.

Menu December 7th till 10th


Rillettes of pheasant


Shiitake croquettes


Main dishes

Stew of veal and trompettes de la mort


White fish pie with mussels,

fennel and pastis





Sticky toffee pudding


Dessert of the menu

In restaurant L’Ermite we serve mainly French dishes of the season, if possible biological. We cook as much as possible of the food and its ingredients ourselves. We prepare the meals in the slow food way. We can always serve a tastefull vegetarian menu.


Telephone: +33 (0)3 23 97 60 41.


We hope to welcome you soon.

Menu of the day                                  € 20,00 lunch          € 27,50 dinner

Dish of the day                                   € 14,00 lunch          € 19,00 dinner

Starter + dish or dish + desert            € 17,50 lunch          € 24,00 dinner