Restaurant L'Ermite

The restaurant is open until November 4th and from December 20 until Januari 6th, from thursday till sunday, also between meals for e drink or titbit.

Reserve a meal: 03 23 97 60 41.

Menu Octobre 18 till 21th


Lamb soup


Mushroom toast with mustard


Daube de boeuf and mashed potatoes


Little squids in sauce


Crumbly pie with leek, walnut and chard


Cheese platter


Walnut tart


Caramalised quince


Dessert of the card

In restaurant L’Ermite we serve mainly French dishes of the season, if possible biological. We cook as much as possible of the food and its ingredients ourselves. We prepare the meals in the slow food way. We can always serve a tastefull vegetarian menu. We hope to welcome you soon.

Reserve a day in advance.

Telephone: +33 (0)3 23 97 60 41


In 2018 restaurant L'Ermite opens every holiday of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the summer vacation we're open every day and the whole day, also for a coffee or another drink between meals.


Because we use only fresh ingredients, we'd like you to reseve a day in advance. If we allready have a resevation, we can serve those who pass by.


You can reserve a table for 8 persons or more anytime.


Menu of the day                                  € 25,00 lunch          € 30,00 dinner

Dish of the day                                   € 17,50 lunch          € 21,00 dinner

Starter + dish or dish + desert            € 22,00 lunch          € 26,00 dinner