Restaurant L'Ermite

The restaurant is open during the school holidays from Friday noon till Monday evening, also between meals for a drink or a titbit.


If you stay with us, we always have a meal for you. Groups of 8 persons or more, can always make a reservation, also in combination with a meeting or birthdays, baptisms, weddings etc. Look for our offers here.


Reserve a meal: 03 23 97 60 41.


Menu of August 5th till 8th
lunch and dinner



* Spiced bulghur salad

* Cold smoked mackerel with walnut sauce

* Grilled lamb skewer



* Chicken with artichauts, marinated lemon and olives

* Tuna with red pepper sauce and potatoe salad

* Lebanese moussaka with chick peas (starting Saturday evening)

* Ratatouille with egg and a salad



 * Dessert of the day

* Ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon,

lavender, malaga or saffran

* Sorbet ice cream: griottes, cassis ou


* Cheeses


In restaurant L’Ermite we serve mainly French and Mediterranean dishes of the season, with fresh produce, if possible biological and local. We cook as much as possible of the food and its ingredients ourselves. We prepare the meals in the slow food way. We can always serve a tasteful vegetarian menu. We hope to welcome you soon.

Reserve in advance.

Telephone: +33 (0)3 23 97 60 41


Because we make everything ourselves, we'd like you to reserve a meal in advance. If we already have a reservation, we can often also serve those who pass by.

You can anytime reserve a table for 10 persons or more (also on closing days).


Menu of the day                                  € 27,50 lunch          € 32,50 dinner

Dish of the day                                   € 20,00 lunch          € 24,50 dinner

Starter + dish or dish + desert            € 24,50 lunch          € 28,50 dinner